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****Hey I have not updated this in awhile. BLG is constantly updating their site. I love the service. The research tools they give you are worth the money alone! I hope to revamp my update soon, but if the below impresses you then the new way they are set up is going to blow your mind. Take a full day to train and learn how it works and you will be good to go.***

They have a 1 week Special – $29 for 1 week of Premium Service… Trust Me Try it! Click Here!

My no fluff Backlinks Genie Review! 7 day case study! If you came for some simple overview of Backlinks Genie like most of the garbage reviews out there, then this review may surprise you. I am going to give you a thorough review and real feedback of how this service has been working for me.

Right off the bat! This is a $199 a month service. UPDATE 5/12/2011 There are now 3 new options BLG Free | BLG Standard | BLG Premium If this scares you then don’t go any further! At one point $199 was a lot for me as well, but now it saves me so much time it pays for itself 10x over. You need to think in terms of spending $500 can make me an extra $500 and so on and so on…  If you are looking for something to save you time and run on autopilot “well sort of auto pilot” keep reading.

There are 3 Parts to this review -

  1. What is Backlinks Genie
  2. My overall review of it
  3. My specific 7 day test with an established site that has been sitting for about 2 1/2 years.

What is Backlinks Genie

In a nutshell it helps you create backlinks to your site on auto pilot. Chances are you have seen the backlinks genie site and know what it offers so I don’t want to bore you with regurgitating the info on their site, but here are the basics of what it can do for you…

  • Web 2.0 sites creation – minimum of 15 sites per project per day
  • Web 2.0 repost – Post articles to existing web 2.0 sites
  • Article Submission – Article submitted to over 100 directories each day
  • Page Rank 4+ Profile linkwheel – minimum of 60 profiles per day
  • Blog commenting – minimum of 750 verified comments per day
  • Xrumer Blast- minimum of 2,000 profiles per day
  • 3 Day project – combine web 2.0, PR4+ profile linkwheels, and blog comment into one project
  • 4 Day project – combine web 2.0, PR4+ profile linkwheels, blog comment, and xrumer into one project

If you have ever used SE-Nuke you know how awesome it can be, but you also know how tedious and time consuming it can be. Backlinks Genie basically does it all on auto pilot for you. The thing with Backlinks Genie is that you can only do one project a day. You can promote as many sites as you want,but you only get one project a day. So Monday you could do Blog commenting, then your done for that day, but its 750 verified comments. Tuesday you can do an xrumer blast of 2,000 profiles. So again to make my self clear you are limited to 1 project a day, but after a months time that adds up to a lot of links! Just think about that for a minute.

OK you want to hear about how it really works and how I have been using it right? Read below…

Overall Review of Backlinks Genie

Ease of use -

The Backlinks Genie is very very easy to use. When  you log in you will want to create a new project.  This is where you select the project type you want. Select your project type first, because if you give it a Project Name then select the type it refreshes and you have to enter the project name in again.“Update – Joe from BLG updated this so the project type is first – Did I mention they have great and timely support“  There is a screen shot below. Look at all those wonderful link building projects for you to choose from ;-)

Click For Bigger Image

Adding Projects -

Depending on what project your are going to choose from there are a few different ways to add your info. Any articles or web2.0 submissions must be spun. I use TheBestSpinner to spin and it is by far “the best spinner” I have found.  Click Here to learn more about the best spinner. After you have selected your project and added content  you can schedule it.

Using the Calendar -

So there are 2 options with the Calendar – Daily Scheduling and Weekly scheduling. To be honest I have only used the daily scheduling since I am promoting many things at once. If you have 1 site you were promoting, setting things up and getting the weekly calendar set up would be your best bet. In fact I think when you are promoting only one or two sites backlinks genie can be a powerhouse for you! I am currently still testing and learning everyday, but I am sure I will be buying more accounts to promote individual sites and truly get them on auto pilot. Speaking of “AUTO PILOT” I am going to talk about that below, but let me finish about the calendar. It is real simple you check the box of the date you want the project to run, then add the project and it is set! Check the screen shot below.

Click for Bigger Image

Auto Pilot? Really?

Listen nothing out there is on “auto pilot” so don’t think you are going to logon and just hit a button and your sites will rank.  Using this tool takes some knowing what you are doing. You can get it pretty close to auto pilot, but you will have to set some things up. You need to have articles written and spin them. You will have to create the projects etc… Don’t get me wrong this is still a time saver. If you spend some time getting your projects set up and then schedule them you can get pretty close to auto pilot. It is a beautiful thing to know that these links are being built while you sleep!

How have I been using Backlinks Genie?

First off a word of caution… Don’t just start blasting off comment links and profile links to your main domains without any planning. Everyday you have a chance to create awesome links and power back to your site in one way or another. So have a plan made and execute.  What I have been doing is lately is creating web 2.0 pages, article pages, and other blog posts pointing to my money sites then rolling them into the blog comment function. So>>> I make a few web2.0 sites, article pages, blog posts that link to my money site and the add them to a Comment Blog Project. So now I have all those comments spreading out to the web2.0′s which all point to my money sites. These are not the web2.0 that backlink genie does, these are my own.  I am trying to promote many sites so I am really just trying to stick to a couple game plans. Since you can only do one project a day this is what I have been sticking with for the last few weeks. In the beginning I was testing with all the projects to mostly web20 and article pages I had created before and also doing some profile links to internal pages on my money sites. Like I said when promoting one site you can really come up with a sick game plan for this, which is what I will show you in my Case Study below. They also just released a new article submission project which I have used a few times. It is a great thing, over night my article is blasted out and posted! The great thing is the next day you get all the links in your project report file.

What to do with all the links?

Well after you create a project you can check the reports the next day and you will get a copy of all the links created. It is pretty awesome. Now the question is what do I do with the links? There are a lot of things you can do with the links… create rss feeds and submit them, build some links back to these new links, ping them, etc. I am currently using which has an api and pulls all your project report data and creates rss feeds and gets them indexed on the fly! This is not a review for, but I highly recommend you check it out!

Backlinks Genie best practices and final thoughts on what I have been doing?

I just wanted to throw out some best practices in my opinion and some thoughts on what I have been doing. Like I said before you only get one project a day so use them wisely and make sure you don’t miss a project. I hate when I get an email that says you do not have anything scheduled and I end up missing a day. That could have been 750-2000 links I could have pointed somewhere!!

My Results?

I have been using this on a lot of sites. The one thing I can say is this. I have had about 4 sites that have just been stuck either at that #10 spot or just sitting at #3 and #4 and now 2 are sitting at #1 and the others have bumped up a few spots. I have seen a few hubpages that I have promoted jump up as well and are getting more traffic. Even in this last week of 2/21/2011 I have seen a jump in traffic to the handful of sites I promoted. The key is to be consistent and of course make sure your onsite seo is good. I assume if you are ready to drop $199 a month you know a few things about onsite seo and keyword research. I hope to really show how this works with the case study below.

Here are a few best practices I have laid out

  • Take existing web2.0 sites, articles, blog posts and build links to them via comment posts or profile link wheels.
  • Submit an article to back links genie, then comment post to those links the next day
  • Use the 3 and 4 day projects ” I didn’t go into that but will in the case study”
  • Build of a small web2.0 network “up to 5 posts to each web2.0 property” build links to them

The beauty of this is that there are so many ways to set up a plan, you just need to figure out what that plan is and execute it.  I hope this has answered some of the questions you might have had about Backlinks genie and if you have any more just leave a comment or contact me.

Backlinks Genie Case Study

Ok here is my case study. I want this to be honest and all out in the open! If it works which I think it will, if it doesn’t I will still post the results because I know when looking for reviews finding a true honest review is a hard thing to find. Regardless of what the results are in this case study, I know this service is working for other sites and I will continue to use it.

Site – Cap Cana Fun . Com  “I don’t want to send any links or exposure to the site via this site” I know you will check it out, but that won’t skew my rankings.

History - This is a site I made about 2 1/2 years ago. It was registered in October 2007. It has just been sitting. It has about 6 unique articles that were written 2 1/2 years ago.

Traffic Stats etc… - I just realized I don’t even have google analytics installed so I am doing that now. Click Here for Webalizer Stats. Wow so that’s not bad for a site I have not checked in who knows how long. Doing just over 1,000 visits a month. Can’t wait to look at google analytics to get a better idea. Mind you today is 2/25/2011 and I am doing this as we speak! Dang wish  I had some adsense on here. I remember I took it off awhile back to clean up my adsense account. Anyways… Click Here for a ranking report I did on the site for its keywords. Those are the keywords I will be testing.  Also Click Here for a yahoo site explorer screen shot.

Thoughts… – So as you can see the site is not doing much, really has no backlinks and is getting some traffic. I also feel that the competition is fairly low for this term. Now this case study I am just using the $49 7 day trial for this just to show you. It may take 3-4 weeks to see some changes from this, so stay tuned for it. I just wanted to create something out in the open for all to see and take a look at some real genuine results. You might be saying well this site is older and my site is new, or this site is getting traffic already. Hey it is what it is. If you have been doing this for awhile I know you have some sites sitting in the hopper, if your new at this, well its time to learn how to start building back to your site.  Below is my plan of attack for the 7 days. I am actually going to take the articles on the site, tweak them a bit and spin them. This will be the only content I will use. I would say get original content for the best results.

UPDATED 05/12/2011

For 7 day trial at $49 Click Here

Get $50 off first monthClick Here

There is no longer a $49 trial or $50 off, but they have created a new price structure which I think has something for everyone.  They are as follows ;

Free account – Free of course
Standard – $67/mo
Premium – $137/mo

The Free level will include:
Daily choice of:
25 Blog comments or
50 profiles per day

The Standard level will include:
Daily choice of:
500 Blog comments or
1,000 profiles per day

The Premium level will include:
Daily choice of:
1,000 Blog comments
2,000 profiles
100 Article Directory
100 Social bookmarks
100 PR4+ Linkwheel
10 Web 2.0 sites

OK then starting today 2/25 well the first project won’ t run until tomorrow 2/26 here is what I will be doing.

Day 1 – Article Submission to 100+ Directories “I will link to main page and internal pages in articles”

Day 2 – Then right to a 3 Day Project which is Create 15 Web 2.0 sites, 60 Profiles, then 750 Comments

Day 3 – 60 Profiles – “Part of the 3 day – These 60 profiles go to the newly created Web 2.0′s”

Day 4 – 750 Comments “Last part of the 3 day project”

Day 5 – Article Submission “Round 2″

Day 6-  Web 2.0 Posting “Create 15 web 2.0′s”

Day 7 – PR 4+ Profile Linkwheel 60 Profiles to Day 6 Web 2.0′s

OK off to add 7 days of projects! Wish me luck! UPDATEI Just added in those 7 days and it took me just about 30 minutes.


UPDATES – I will be adding ranking/stat updates below here and any other info I find interesting!

2/25/2011 – Well about 30 minutes after I write this review and set my 7 day case study up Joe over at BLG has added some new features. One being the project name/type like Im mention above and the other a WYSIWYG editor in the web2.0 as well as allowing to submit unique articles. This is a feature I had asked for since day one and now its here. Thanks guys! Now you can create 15 unique web 2.0s on the fly. That is golden! Thanks joe!

3/1/2011 – I wanted to wait for the 7 days to be over before I posted, but…. I just googled Cap Cana and bam I am on page 2. Now things can change of course, it could pop up then back down, but this is showing that the process is working! I even ran a new ranking report “Click Here“. You can see some jumps up in rank, a few falling back and a few staying the same. You can see this across all engines as well. In yahoo site explore there are a few more links so I didn’t create a screen shot. Where will we go from here? Hopefully up!

3/4/2011Well day 7 is officially tomorrow, but I just wanted to hop on and list some updates here since I prob won’t get a chance to this weekend. I will do a full Update on Monday with a ranking report ran etc…  If you check out you can see  28 inlinks, up 17 from when I started. Not huge, but it shows that it is working! Ah screw it I just ran a new ranking report. Click Here for it! As you can see slowly moving up the ranks! Some stayed the same. For 7 days this is not bad! Lets see where we are at Monday! I have been getting some good feedback via email so leave them below for everyone to benefit from.

3/7/2011 – So this is the official “Update” Day 7 was the 5th and since it was the weekend, I didn’t really have time to put the update online.

Rankings – Ok so first thing. Click Here for updated ranking report. This is the 4th report since 2/25 and as you can see there is marked improvement! If this is not some good proof then I don’t know what is.

Links – Ok so Click Here for yahoo site explorer. We started with 11 inlinks and now are at 34. Not bad for a weeks time.

Traffic – I don’t care what you rank or how many links you have or what that pretty green page rank bar in your browser says. If your not getting any traffic then who cares! Right? Click Here for Google Analytics. Click Here for webalizer stats. I only show the webalizer stats so you can compare to the original screen shot I had. I hate webalizer. Anyways…… So like I said I don’t care about all the #1 rankings, page ranks etc.. I care about traffic! Traffic is something this site is not really getting.  You can see an increase in the daily avgs via the webalizer screen shot so obviously the better rankings have increased traffic slightly, but not enough to really do anything. Better rankings = YES! More traffic = not yet! More time, but solid data to prove better ranks via BLG!

Continuing Updates

03/14/2011 – Well as I promised I would let it sit for a week and see where we are at. Click Here for ranking report. Well as you can see the site has jumped backed a few spots and stayed the same. This is to be expected. I did have one day where I saw a spike in traffic. Not a huge spike, but it was for the term cap cana. I’m assuming I prob got a nice little boost in rank, but it dropped back even further. Well I let it sit for a week. I think what I am going to do this time is the same 7 day regimen, but this time I will use unique content ;-) hehe

Update 3/28/2011 – Hey folks sorry I have been slacking!!! It has been quite hectic, but I have not forgot about this case study. Traffic has gotten more steady, but nothing crazy and the ranks have dropped a few notches. Why is that you ask? Well because I haven’t done anything!! I am going to bust out another 7 day project and see where we are in a few weeks. I think we will see a lot better results this go around since I am using all unique content and the site has gotten some attention in the last month. Remember the first project I just took on-site content and spun it which I really don’t recommend, but I figured what the heck!

Check back in a week to see whats up!

4/28/2011 -

Well sorry folks its been a month and I had decided to bang out 1 month focused on this site and it seems things are finally picking up speed!

Click here for yahoo site explorer info. As you can see there are 199 inlinks as of now. They are not the best, but they are there and it proves a point that BLG does get you links!

Click here for google analytics overview and click here for keywords

Unfortunately my ranking tool took a dump so I can show the rankings, but if you see the traffic increased they you know rankings increased.

Overall it has been a cool experience and proof the BLG does work. Now this site was just a random test that I wanted to put on display. I did not even spend a good amount of time with this, just threw stuff at the wall and saw what stuck. I just did not want to go and list all my big $$$ sites that I am using BLG with. If you have any questions please ask. Oh did I mention that they added a social bookmarking feature that is awesome! Check it out!

I haven’t had any ads or anything on the the site so today 4/28/2011 I am going to throw some adsense on there and see what happens. Stay tuned!


This has been pretty fun. Unlike most reviews this actually shows some solid results. All in all I think the results are really really good! Is the site getting tons of traffic? No, but I am still not ranking on page #1 for the targeted terms. So that leaves me with getting to page one which is what I am going to continue to do! Moving forward I am going to let things sit for another week without doing anything and see where we are. We all know that it takes more then 7 days to rank a site, but this shows you that we are on our way. So after another week of sitting, I will push out another update with, ranking, traffic, and yahoo site explorer reports to see where it is at. After that I will start some more link building via Backlinks Genie. I would love to hear  your feedback about this case study. Please leave your comments below.

CLICK HERE – What are you waiting for. There is a new package waiting for you! Price is not an option. At least try the free package!

11 thoughts on “Backlinks Genie Review

  1. Great review on Backlinks Genie. I used Backlinks Genie to get 40 of the top 50 listings in Google for ‘Backlinks Genie Review’ on a combo of my blogs, plus article directories. It’s very poweful. I have to admit though, your review does make mine look like garbage. lol

    great review!


  2. I can’t wait to see the final results. These last few days have been somewhat interesting. I know of one other person using backlinks genie and I still have not pulled the trigger. I am right there, but will let this run its course and see the final results. Thanks for putting the time into this.

  3. i just started using Back Links Genie… and find it extremely simple to use… and their turn around time is amazingly quick…

    It’s too early to tell how its working.. but, the ease of use is amazing!!

    I’ll report back on my rank changes as I notice them

  4. Great case study. This really shows what is possible. I can only imagine running this for a month or longer. I see you just used the spun content of your articles on site. I can only imagine using unique articles. Thanks again for putting this together. I am going to give the 7 day trial a shot. I have one site in mind to use it on. If it moves I’m hooked!

  5. Just wanted to touch base here. I read this review at the end of feb. Set up the week trial and continued as a Backlinks genie customer. Hands down one of the best services I have ever used. I have 5 keyword domain/nich sites ranking for top 3 terms across the board! I have tripled my daily income. If you decide to go with this service, your best bet is to spend a few weeks testing and come up with a nice 5-7 plan of attack like Chris did. Even if you have the best service in the world, if you don’t have a game plan/system you are sunk! All I can say is give this a shot and you will not be sorry.

  6. Hey folks thanks for the replies I kept meaning to respond here and Sarah’s comment just got my attention. First off this case study was just a test for me and for you so I could show you what is possible. I have my other accounts as well and I have sites that are killing it right now. I chose this site because I really didn’t care about revealing information about it and wanted to show you how easy it was to use BLG without even trying! Sarah that is awesome you are getting results and triple your daily income. Nothing better then waking up to money in your accounts hehe. I continue to use BLG on many sites and BLG continues to amaze me. The service is great and you get responses fast. They are coming out with updates and new services almost monthly. They actually just added thebestspinner api integrated so you can spin right from there. It’s a win win folks. Get on this! Please let me know what you have seen as well.

  7. Hi Chris,

    I just checked you rankings for the cap cana fun site and it seems they have really improved since the end of this case study. I’m curious: have you used other backlink tools on this site or this is all from BacklinksGenie? Have you been using it consistenly on this site, or is this a reflection of the case study?


  8. I discovered BLG by accident this evening while serching for backlinking services. I was a bit skeptical about BLG but after “studying” your review, I will go for the free version and “test” BLG.

  9. Hi Cris, i have just read your review being a year since you wrote it and it’s the best review i found about BLG.

    I am researching which is the best automatic backlink system today, and wonder if BLG still stands for sport #1, what do you think?

    My other option is the recently launched ABC3K, have you tried it yet? Could you compare it with BLG as to decide which one to choose?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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