Exclude Pages Or Posts In Yoast SEO Sitemaps


I was actually trying some Bing PPC… which is actually working very well right now! More on that later. I wanted to create a page on my site that had the same content as one of my other pages. Now I did not want this page getting indexed or in the sitemap so I started looking to see if there was a way to exclude a page or a post in the Yoast SEO Sitemap in which I use. I figured there had to be, but after searching and seeing this and a few other pages I found it was not possible. It has

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Long Tail Keywords

I got a common question today. What is a long tail keyword? If  you are just getting into websites and affiliate marketing then you are probably hearing about long tail keywords. The reason is because it is a lot easier to rank for a long tail keyword then a short one. Here is an example: Short – Dog Training Longtail – Dog Training Pit Bulls So to make it real easy to understand “Dog Training” might get 50k searches a month and would be very competitive and hard to rank for starting

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5 Simple Ways To Increase Website Authority

So you have a website. You add awesome content to it all the time, but it never seems to rank for anything your write about. Why is that? Is it a conspiracy? Does google not like you? Maybe… but I doubt it. One thing your website probably needs is authority. What is website authority? It just means that your website is legit and has some pull. It means that people come to your website and actually learn something and might even leave a useful comment and maybe even link to you. It means

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