Exclude Pages Or Posts In Yoast SEO Sitemaps

I was actually trying some Bing PPC… which is actually working very well right now! More on that later.

I wanted to create a page on my site that had the same content as one of my other pages. Now I did not want this page getting indexed or in the sitemap so I started looking to see if there was a way to exclude a page or a post in the Yoast SEO Sitemap in which I use.

I figured there had to be, but after searching and seeing this and a few other pages I found it was not possible. It has to be right?

yoast-exclude-sitemapWell of course and it was staring me right in the face.

Basically go down to your WordPress SEO By Yoast settings and click the advanced tab. Look for the Include in Sitemap: section and in the drop down select Never Include. There ya go, it will not show up in your sitemap.

Hope this saves you some time.  You can also do some other cool stuff like show it higher in the sitemap or redirect the page somewhere else.

Gotta love WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast! Thanks!

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