EZPZ OCB Backup for WordPress

Well it’s not Friday and I have really been slacking with plugin updates so I figured I would let you know about this plugin I just used. It is the EZPZ OCB- ONE CLICK BACK UP. A wordpress backup plugin that works!

I am not going into great detail about this. Over the years I have tried many wordpress back up plugins, but none were never that great and they cost money. Yeah this one is free! I am sure there are some other ones that work well, but I just gave this a shot and all I can say is wow that was EASY!

There has been a handful of times where I had a site and somehow lost it. Ugh all the time, content, and money put into it only to lose it and not have a full back up. Back up yer crap people!!!

1 Warning

I only have one warning for this plugin. It creates the backup here /wp-content/plugins/ezpz-one-click-backup/backups so it could possibly be downloaded by others so after you save the backup to your computer or wherever you want to save it I would go in and delete the zip of the back up.

There is actually an option to make it secure, but by default it is out there in the open so just be careful thats all. In fact there are a lot of options, you can schedule the number of backups you want to run, you can even have it put the files in a dopbox acount.  Pretty awesome. I am def adding this to my arsenal!

Give it a shot


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