Interview with Joe from Backlinks Genie

Sup folks! As you know I use and love Back links genie.  You can check out the full review on the site here

We all know having great tools and knowing how to use them makes all the difference. I was fortunate to get Joe from Backlinks Genie to answer some questions for us. Here ya go! Thanks Joe!

Q1. How long has BLG been in business and who is behind this awesomesauce?
A1. We launched BLG in September of 2010.  Before that we were
providing link building services on a one off basis.  We found that
most of our customers were returning and ordering multiple services so
the idea of a daily link building service came to us and BLG was

Q2. Why did you create BLG and had you used other softwares like SEnuke or
brute force seo? See above for why.
A2. Yes we had used just about every software that is out there.  There
are many applications that do things well but they don’t do everything
well and most have a steep learning curve.

Q3. You have a whole new pricing structure can you explain what it is and
why you changed from only 1 premium package?
A3. We had many requests for a smaller amount of daily links with a
lower price so we introduced our Standard package.  We also were able
to cut some of our costs by bulk purchasing servers so we were able to
pass the savings along.  This resulted in our previous package(now the
premium package) being reduced in price by 30%

Q4. How do you guys figure out what is the best linkbuilding options to
offer. Are you constantly keeping up to date with the latest and
greatest so
called “Seo methods”
A4. We are constantly researching and testing new link building
methods.  When we see positive results in a way that can be automated
we add it to the service.

Q5. I think a lot of people get scared by services like this? From
experience I know your services deliver day in and day out! Its obviously
automated and I have no clue how you do it, so maybe you can explain a bit
of how things work and how you can get us these links and why customers
should not worry?
A5. We have many “script” servers in data centers across the world.
Each server has a specific project type it works on.  Users projects
are stored in a database and each script server pulls the data needed
from the database to run each project one at a time until they are all
completed.  If a project fails to deliver the minimum amount of links
it is automatically put back into the queue for the day and is run again.

Q6. OK I know there are so many ways to use BLG, but could you offer up a
few strategies? Say 1 strategy for a brand new site. 1 for a site that is
6months to a year old and has a decent link profile and lets say 1 for a
site that is over 1 year old, has ranking and a good amount of links
pointing to it.
A6. This is not an easy answer since there are so many factors
involved.  The best advice I can give that fits every type of site is
to build as many different types of links as possible.  If you have a
new site you would want to limit the link velocity until you have built
it up slowly.  You don’t want to go from gaining 0 links per day to
thousands overnight
.  If you have an established site that has some
link velocity then the options are wide open.  Build some quality 2.0
and hit those with some high velocity links like blog comments or
xrumer links

Q7. Sometimes I wish I could run 2 projects in one day instead of the
allotted one. Is there maybe something like that coming in the future?
A7. We have this option but it requires an additional account.  We do
offer bulk pricing for 5 and 10 packages.  When you have multiple
accounts we can tie them together so you don’t have to keep logging in
and out but can switch between them with 2 clicks.

Q8. Speaking of the future, you guys are always coming out with new
features which is why I love BLG. Can you tell us about a few things in
A8. We have a couple new project types in the works as well as a whole
new project management system that will add many new features such as
project grouping and copying.  We also have a revamped set of multi day
projects in the works which will increase the variety of links you get
each day of the multiday run.

Q9. How much do you pay the magic elves that work in your servers to go
out and get all those links so fast? ;-)
A9. We pay them all the gyros and monster energy drinks they can eat.
Actually, everything is run by scripts.  Our staff simply monitors the
scripts and takes care of customer requests.

Q10. If you had to tell people one thing on how not to use BLG what would
it be? We are only as good as our tools right, so I mean some people go
and by that brand new tool, but then go about using it the completely
A10. What not to do is to use only one project type to build links.  We
offer different types of links so you should take advantage of that and
build a variety of link types.

Q11. Joe thanks so much for taking your time to answer these questions,
any chance you have any coupons even though there is a free service
available ;-)  I am a true believer in BLG and the fact that you are coming
up with new services almost on a monthly basis is what will keep me around
for the long haul

A11. We do not have any current specials going on but if we ever do I
am sure you will know about it as soon as it comes out.

Well there you have it, a pretty good overview of Backlinks Genies. Thanks again for your time Joe and keep those awesome updates and new features coming!

7 thoughts on “Interview with Joe from Backlinks Genie

  1. Well, communication with BLG clients is definitely something Joe needs to improve. I have left several different customer support messages regarding various bugs and misworks I noticed in BLG performance, AND with request they need to be fixed. Not only I have seen just minor improvements, to some of my emails was never replied and I simply had no information what was going on with those issues I reported. I also tried to make contact via BLG forum, but never got confirmation from administrator of that forum so I could finally create a forum post. What’s the purpose of such forum anyway?

    I agree that automation, if done right, can do wonders to our campaigns and web promotion. But such ignorance is really something that refuses me from being a customer of BLG/Joe.


    • Hey Tom thanks for the comment. I have to say that I have never had a problem getting in touch with Joe. There were some times where it took a day or two, but he always got back with thorough answers. I think its only a two man operation and if you have looked at BLG over the last few days they just launched some major changes. Really cool stuff which I will have to blog about this week.

    • I know, many changes were introduced recently (can’t wait for AliBaba 5-day schedules to go live, too :)).

      The point is that BLG is set-and-forget system, and schedules are being made weeks in advance, dependable on each other. It means creating backlinks to backlinks to backlinks… pyramid. If any of those schedules got screwed up (either by you or BLG script on the server), you need to react really fast and either:
      - update all your upcoming schedules (and therefore change your initial strategy you had set up)
      - call for BLG support to help fix the bugs, re-run the task or whatever (so you DON’T have to change your initial strategy set up)

      I am talking about the later, that is, because of slow response and/or no replies at all from the Support, I am oftenly forced to go for the first, change my schedules and the overall backlinking strategy – which I don’t like at all.

      If you stumble upon Joe some day, may I ask you to remind him to answer to the ‘globaleye’ user queries. ;)
      (just kidding, you don’t have to do this)

    • Hey Tom I get that for sure! I actually emailed Joe about this, so hopefully he gets back and comments as well ;-)

      Hey I see you are using ctr theme? How do you like it? I switched about 20 sites to it and it is working very well! I was actually going to do a post about adsense themes and which ones I have been using.

  2. Well, you know, I am always “fighting” between some nice looking site theme and adsense “functionality” theme. CTR themes are definitely not beautiful, and some options are hard coded so they cannot be changed or selected at all – but on the other hand, if a site is monetized only with adsense, they are truly irreplaceable.

    I am only sorry I didn’t have time to do a proper split testing of various ad channels to catch one or two that bring the highest ctr%. But overall, I am also satisfied with the results.

    Thanks for contacting Joe. I hope he will find some time to respond.

    • Thanks, I will take a look on it. The fact is that I used Socrates some time ago, but switched to HeatMap Pro Theme in the end. But if they updated Socrates, I am definitely interested in new options provided by this theme. It used to look really nice while I was using the old version…..

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